Credy is a credit line for Indian consumers

Credy is a full stack lending company for India. We are a mobile credit line with customization for specific end use - such as medical emergency, school fee payments, and debt consolidation

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Mohamed Yunus
Mohamed Yunus@tweetyunus · CEO Everyly.
Congrats Team! Great stuff to solve. Sometimes Defaulters outnumber no matter what their credit score is. When you take the responsibility of the lenders' money, like an escrow with returns, how do you handle it for the lenders, when the guy who has taken the money defaults or any negative scenes occur ?
Abhash Anand
Abhash AnandMakerHiring@abhash
@tweetyunus We have some safeguards against defaulting borrowers. We take Post Dated Cheques and rolling out their modern equivalent(NACH) soon. NACH will allow us to pull in EMIs from the borrower's bank accounts whenever they have money in their account. This significantly reduces chances of defaults.
Harshit Vaishnav
Harshit VaishnavMakerHiring@harshit_vaishnav · Co-Founder, Credy
Credy is a P2P lending platform for India backed by biometric ID. We are a marketplace for borrowers and lenders in India, where consumer credit demand is growing fast. We offer fast and paperless loan solution for the borrowers and an attractive investment opportunity for lenders. Everything is backed by India’s fast improving digital infrastructure. Check us out at
Lassuyt Christophe
Lassuyt Christophe@lassuytchristop · moneytis co-founder
fantastic idea!
Abhash Anand
Abhash AnandMakerHiring@abhash
@lassuytchristop Thanks for the appreciation!
Danny McDonald
Danny McDonald@danny_mcdonald · WaVE Accelerator Manager & Ark Apps
This is a great idea. I actually worked on a small startup for the Hult Prize 2016 competition. We traveled to Mumbai and tried to figure out a way to do micro investments in entrepreneurs. It was very rewarding and we flirted with the P2P concept a lot. the closest comparable I can think about is Kiva with their micro lending platform. Going through your website a little as a lender and from a user experience perspective, I don't really feel compelled to give money. I feel it's missing a very human element here. I see plenty of words and lots of videos. Not a lot of impactful call here and I believe you guys are doing great things for people. I encourage you to get inspired by Kiva's UI on their website. It's impactful and just doing a quick comparison, you are making claims you can actually get an 18% return whereas Kiva is just a repayment. So out of curiosity. How many loans have you done so far to get your 18% average return? I feel I need to see more information about your history/activity to attract international lenders (if that is in your road map).
Abhash Anand
Abhash AnandMakerHiring@abhash
@danny_mcdonald Thanks for your feedback Danny! We will use it while we continue to work on improving the website UX. We have given out 20 loans currently. You can see more details on our portfolio here - Currently, we are working out the modalities of allowing international lenders to lend. Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you.
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
🖖 Great work! Added to: