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Is the functionality similar to that provided by Grammarly? If not, what does it do different? Thanks.
@ivanwwh Hi Ivan, unlike Grammarly, Credosity focuses you on fixing one aspect at a time in your whole doc/email, e.g. passive voice. Avoiding 'task switching' accelerates your editing. We're also laser focused on business writing, whereas Grammarly addresses academic writers, too. This 2-min. video gives you an idea of how Credosity works:
@paul_jones Hi Paul, thanks for sharing the benefits - especially like the "laser focused on business writing" part. Tried out and picked up a few good pointers on a short corporate bio I pasted in. It would be great to have a button to quickly submit a screenshot when the advice appears off-tangent. I currently have a subscription to Grammarly, and rely a lot on their integration via the Chrome plugin. I'd have to wait for similar plugins to fully test Credosity, as I also operate in a Mac only environment.
@ivanwwh Great point about easily being able to submit a screenshot on ; I'll suggest that to our development team. And yes, a Chrome plugin for Credosity would be helpful; another on our list! We decided to prioritise Word/Outlook on Windows first, since most corporates write there. Thanks for your considered feedback.
This would be a homerun if there was macOS support. That's a deal breaker. My entire company is Mac and it'd be ludicrous to consider a Parallels/VMware solution. Once there's a Mac and mobile solution, I'll revisit this product, because it is great.
@fosh1zzle Hi Scott, I hear you. Sorry; we prioritised Windows first, since most corporates are on that. Mac is on the list! You can also use as a backup.
Great Product. I have used Grammarly for a while, but Credosity seems to go one step further in word documents and really seems to give better suggestions. Rather than just correcting. Great work!
@christopher_87 Thanks Chris! Very kind of you :o)
Nice work Paul! Glad the product is going strong!
@iamjdeleon Thanks Jeronimo! We're excited about it, too. Have you started a trial?