A new cryptocurrency exchange built by BitBounce

CredoEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange built by BitBounce, the Tim Draper backed company, with more than 1.4 million registered users.

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Stewart Dennis
Co-Founder, CEO of BitBounce & CredoEx
Thank you @erictwillis for hunting us! Hey Product Hunt, As a special deal for the PH community, we're giving 100 Credos for free to every new user of CredoEx who completes our sign up process today. Register to get them! CredoEx is a new cryptocurrency exchange that makes it far easier to realize the value of our token, Credo, that can be earned through products such as BitBounce. We'd love to get the PH community onboard with this new exchange so that, together, we can make it a great new addition to the blockchain ecosystem! If you'd like a brief overview of CredoEx, check out this video we made that explains our story and the key features of the product:
Excited to hear what people think!