Know who to trust and safely deal with strangers

Credo360 is an open reputation system, where your score is based on ratings and reviews you get from people you deal with. It works like reputation systems on eBay or Airbnb - but Credo reputation belongs to you as a person. Use Credo when you need to deal with someone you don’t know. This will help you keep your privacy and avoid scams.

  • Pros: 

    Ease of use


    Remove the cap on attempts to ID verify

    After being told 3 times I had not been verified by answering personal questions I was informed I could not try again. The questions are based on either incorrect information, or go so far back that I don't remember. The social media verification and linking word well and the actual features including the Credo wallet are great.

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  • Nata Abzi
    Nata AbziI am a programmer, lived in San Diego

    It is exactly what I wanted for a long time; very helpful in my daily life


    Nothing to think of so far

    It is easy to use, everything is very clear. Great product!

    Nata Abzi has used this product for one year.
Hi everyone, one of the founders here. Both, my co-founder and I, got scammed a few times when dealing with strangers: renting apartments, buying things on Craigslist etc. The most upsetting thing was that the scammers got away scot-free, and we couldn’t let others know to avoid them. So, we decided to build Credo360 to reduce the risk of dealing with strangers and help people avoid scammers. The way we are doing this is by building a “reputation trail” based on ratings/reviews people leave for each other on Credo. This is a completely opt-in service, and you can review only people you’ve had confirmed transactions with (buy/sell/trade). Main features: - Credo Score: this score sums up a person’s credibility in a single number. It is based on ratings you’ve received from others as well as how well you’ve verified your identity. - Privacy and anonymity: you can figure out if you can trust someone without knowing who they are. There is no public directory, and reviews are private by default. - Transaction security: you can pay people through Credo for goods and services using your preferred payment method (currently with Credo Wallet, but also working on bitcoin payments). Special offer for PH users: message us and we’ll hook you up with a custom Credo URL!