Share a URL link, get paid in Bitcoin

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This is a great way for new people to earn bitcoin. The ad pop up is currently not the best experience for people that click the link, but if useful ads or other information were added to the equation, this could become really interesting.
Completely agree with @ntmoney ... the ad is really off-putting. I'd suggest removing it :)
I think it's a really cool idea but maybe the ad shouldn't be a full page? Maybe you can make it just a header with the destination website taking up the rest of the space. In any case I think the ads could look better but it's a good start!
@matthui Or make it a count down like (even though, that's annoying as well)
@matthui We considered this, however it wouldn't work for links on so-called "walled garden" sites like Facebook. They block you from embedding their pages anywhere.
@danielkempe @matthui I do like their "Thought of the day," though!
I like the concept -- I like Bitcoin, I like revenue, and I like sharing. But I am also concerned that my network and user base that will click my links will be terribly annoyed that I added new ads to their experience. It won't take long for them to realize that I added the ads; that it doesn't come from the other end of the original link. Do you have thoughts around this? I would like to monetize, but I also want to keep my network happy.
@kevinelliott Our goal is to make that page useful for all three parties - sharers, audiences, and advertisers. Over the next few weeks we'll be experimenting with various formats for the intermediate page, so stay tuned!
A simple idea; share a link and get paid in 'bits', which is an equalivent to a cent of a Bitcoin. "A new service Credhot encourages users to share content on the web using the special link shortener connected to the Coinbase payment processor." Read more here When you do share this credhot link, what happens is that it will lead you to a 'sponsored' ad before going to the actual URL link. In broader terms, it can be an advertising opportunity. NB I'm using the shortner from Credhot as an example. Enjoy. x StringStory
@stringstory Thanks Suzanne! We hope you enjoy it too.