Tweet for a cause and a sponsor will donate $1 to charity

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UPDATE in March 2016: Thank you so much for your kind words and for your patience, @KikiSchirr! We're stoked to be here, 8 months after hearing about Product Hunt for the first time, at a meetup featuring @andreasklinger & @lukasfittl (thx @designerdarius & @zainabiddin for the eye-opener). Our goal with Creddon is to generate new revenues for good causes by “Empowering Slacktivism.” Imagine if the tweets with #iStandWithAhmed or #iLookLikeAnEngineer had given real donations to organizations working with diversity in tech? Creddon puts money into slacktivism, with the help of sponsors. HOW IT WORKS: Pick a cause on Creddon and tweet it. Your tweet = $1 to the cause, donated by a sponsor. 100% goes to the nonprofit. UPDATE: Retweets also give $1 now (applied retroactively too)! Today, we are proud to unveil Slack ( as a sponsor of Girls Who Code. Some of the other sponsors & causes include fellow Hunts (, TrackDuck ( and Watsi ( @MelindaDinh and I look forward to hearing your feedback on the current product and how it should develop! We'll be answering comments here and also host a @blab (h/t @furqanr & @jnsdls) at 12 noon PST, everyone is welcome to join and Katya from wonderful @watsi will be there too! Subscribe here: A big thanks to everyone, especially Lab360 and the @StartupHouse crew, who has supported us on the way! Now, let's make some impact together! :-)
Wow, my no. 1 advice for aspiring makers: Don't code the whole day up until launch, might miss something then ;-) Some early tweeters got tweets with test-captions. It should be fixed now!
This will be one of my favorite hunts of all time, I'm sure. Fredrik, its maker, has been hustling hard to track down corporate sponsors willing to trade $1 for a charitable tweet (I think the charities get on board pretty quick--promo and dinero together? We're in!) Slack has very generously agreed to be one of the first sponsors, putting a sizable donation toward one of my favorite charities--Girls Who Code, a group organized to achieving gender parity in tech. Of course, if that isn't your thing, you can also choose Kiva, Watsi, or Effect International as your recipient--also amazing causes. Overall, I am just excited to be able to hunt this product. Thank you for thinking of me, Fredrik. :)
Personally, I really love the concept. Really wish you the best on your partnerships and making it a reality.
@walterareid thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)
@melindadinh @mrolovsson congrats for this great product, simple and effective. kudos to the sponsors that have already joined...I look forward to seeing more coming on board and backing your causes.
@robertoscaccia "simple and effective," I like the sound of that! Indeed we're grateful for the sponsors who are taking the difficult first step to do something new!