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Credder was founded by a group of frustrated news consumers to fix media credibility. They developed a peer review service to measure trust in every article, author, and outlet, making news compete for trust, not clicks.
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  • Gregor Mendieta
    Gregor MendietaHope of the future

    A tool for bringing quality and honesty to the news that I read


    Completely innovative. Keep on doing what you do!

    Looking forward to Credder being mainstream. One of the few newer concepts that can make a difference to our better understanding of world.

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It's a really great concept. In this age of a lack of trust in the media, something like this will come in handy. However, I do have a few questions. 1) Why do I need to log in to see the stories? Seems like a needless barrier, and I almost just didn't bother. 2) Who are the critics, and how do they get chosen? 3) Are those critic reviews actual reviews for the article, or just random tweets from people? Because it looks like random tweets. 4) How are you ensuring that the critics are not all from one side of an argument? i.e how are you avoiding biased criticism?
@dkb868 Great questions. 1) Technically, we're still in beta until the end of the month which is why you need to signup to view the articles. We actually weren't ready to post on Product Hunt but the TechCrunch story forced our hand. Seeing the stories on Credder will be open to everyone when we launch the week of May 27th. 2) Critics are individuals with a background as a journalist or media literacy professional, and who have taken the time to verify their identity with us. Soon the Critics category will be made up of journalists from the Leaderboard, so that Credder doesn't have to be a part of the decision. 3) The Critics category are and will be real reviews for the article, but to get the ball rolling we are pulling journalists' tweets about articles and embedding them on Credder as reviews when applicable. Those journalists can then claim their page on Credder and edit or remove any past Twitter reviews. 4) As for balance of the Critic category, we're verifying journalists from anywhere on the political spectrum and actively reaching out to right leaning outlets to ensure they're aware of us and have the opportunity to sign up.
@dkb868 @chasepalmieri "4)...journalists from anywhere on the political spectrum" thats the way to go IF it really works but when i see 100% truth for a vice article i am not sure about that anymore haha
@dkb868 @webinger What you're seeing is a rating for a particular article. I encourage you to read that Vice article and see if you find anything wrong with it. If you do, then review it as such and it will lose its perfect rating. The 100% simply means that 100% of the people that have taken the time to read and review that article say they trust it.
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@dkb868 @chasepalmieri apropos vice
there is so much truth in it if you look at the vice outlet list "Taking Ketamine Can Feel a Lot Like a Near-Death Experience" :D
We hope you enjoy this early version of Credder and share your feedback so we can make it even better. The Credder website is the first step towards our larger mission: To accelerate the news industry's transition from a click-based to a credibility-based economy. If this is a mission you can support, please UPVOTE, SHARE, and STAY AWESOME. Remember to use the code TCNEWS for instant access to the beta.
Startup Credder is trying to solve this problem with reviews from both journalists and regular readers. These reviews are then aggregated into an overall credibility score (or rather, scores, since the journalist and reader ratings are calculated separately).
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