Creature Battle Lab

3D Creature Creation & Real-Time Battles

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Hi, I'm one of the creators of this game, Creature Battle Lab. I'm from a small game studio in South Wales, UK called Dojo Arcade. We've been making this game for the last two and a half years. It's our very first released game so we're really proud and excited to be sharing it with you. Creature Battle Lab is essentially a 3D creature customisation & battling game. You are tasked with making your own team of creatures from scratch and then use them in intense action pack battles that happen in real-time. You'll morph your creatures' body shapes and then apply attach cosmetic items from a list of well over 200 attachments (which will be increasing in the near future). No two creatures are the same. We've had a few people play the game and say it's like Pokemon meets Spore which I've been using ever since as it sums it up quite nicely. If anyone has any questions about the game please send them my way, I'll be happy to answer them.
We've just released the Christmas update for Creature Battle Lab with some free Christmas tree attachments to try out. The update also adds lots of other Christmas themed attachments to make your creatures from and give them a festive look. There are Christmas lights, a Rudolph nose and even coal attachments to make some amazing Christmas creatures with.