Twitch for people with Talent

Creatr is a global livestreaming platform for creators and artists. With a desktop or mobile browser (no plugins or special software), anyone, anywhere, can share their artistry and creative process with the world.

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Tagline kind of implies that THE Twitch isn’t meant for people with talent. Or rather, that Twitch users are talentless. I don’t think that’s correct. 🤔 It might be just my interpretation though.
@hristiyandodov We used that phrase in hopes of grabbing your attention. Looks like it worked ;)
Twitch has categories for people streaming creative work. What makes Creatr different, other than it doesn’t include gaming streams?
@barnabybones Hi Jeremy, thanks for the upvote. The focus on Creatives comes in a few areas: -Categorization: We get more granular with genre categorization. It's not just photography, but fashion photography, beauty, reportage, automative, etc. -Ease of Use: Twitch can be complicated for layman. Many creatives don't have the patience or technical chops to download OBS software or an equivalent. We are using WebRTC so all members need is a browser. -Profile & Galleries: We provide work galleries so you can actually see the works that people are creating -Educational Monetization: We're providing monetization options around education vs entertainment, so we're experimenting with classes or even private lessons. We believe viewers not only want to watch what you do, but learn how to do it too.
Curious what types of talent/arts are shared on the platform. Reminds me a bit of Krue which is focused on singers and musicians.
@rrhoover Thanks for the upvote Ryan, we're open to all artists with an initial focus on professional image-makers (photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, etc.), moving into Graphic Design next.