Creator by FocusMotion

Machine learning tool. Track & add wearable users' movements

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There's a lot of discussion about wearables, but everyone seems to be stuck on tracking simple steps and sleep. FocusMotion is tracking and identifying complex motions, like am I rowing? Doing overhead press? Warrior 3? -- and now with Creator, they're opening the door to other developers to be able to track and add their users' movements. I think this is where wearables will get really interesting.
@smalkana This is the next level - I agree - but we are so at the beginning of the wearables saga
@samir_doshi @smalkana Agreed. I can't wait to see what people do with this.
I like the FocusMotion principle that everyone can contribute. Great stuff!
@danielpichel Yes! Crowd sourced motion recognition insight and analysis!
This is really incredible! I can see this being used on The Biggest Loser🏋 ONE MORE REP! I also have a vision of virtual personal training startups. That can now track every rep without being there. Making it impossible to cheat. 😳
@dredurr Hmm, a really great cheat detector? We'll get on that.
this looks promising... I will give it a try... will integrate in my workout tracking app so I can provide user proper guidance... :)