Free live prototyping tool to build better ionic apps

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Would be great to actually see the features on the landing page. How it is different from Invision, Marvel and Pixate. Because it sounds interesting.
@ldesserrey Agreed. The landing definitely needs some work.
@erictwillis @ldesserrey Yup. Anything would help, hell just a screenshot or two to give any sense of the product.
@ldesserrey It looks closer to and Flinto than Invision or Pixate after signing up
@ldesserrey Take a look at for more information about Ionic. Ionic Creator is basically a tool to quickly create prototypes/interfaces that can be used in your Ionic app (as far as I know). Ionic Framework uses Angular.js and the created WebApp is packaged with Cordova after which it can be run on Android or iOS. I've already played around with it a little and it's really cool!
"A simpler approach to live prototyping. Creator visualizes the initial development process, offering flexibility and speed through an easy-to-use interface. Oh, and it’s totally free to use."
Nice little app. The interface is neat; the drag-drag interaction is smooth though I am yet to see how it facilitates collaboration.