Creativity, Inc.

Remarkable Insights by the President of Disney & Pixar

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Part of the Mark Zuckerberg Book Recommendations collection "I love reading first-hand accounts about how people build great companies like Pixar and nurture innovation and creativity," Zuckerberg writes.
@bentossell Thanks for creating this list, some great finds in here. Adding them to the reading list.
@budivoogt thanks! Have you posted any books that you recommend?
@bentossell This is a great collection. I'm actually heading off to Amazon to get some on my Kindle.
Ryan Holmes recently did a LIVE Chat and mentioned this book here: Creativity Inc.: Co-written by Ed Catmull (the president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios), it’s full of brilliant business lessons on how to build creative culture that benefits organizations.
Great book. I listened to this as an audiobook from Audible and it's really well narrated, which draws you into the story to feel part of it. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to lead a creative team, especially those looking to accomplish ambitious goals. A great book for learning how to set a great culture.
Creativity, Inc. has substantial sections on Ed Catmull's reflections on working with a more mature Steve Jobs which were compelling. The process behind how Pixar gives feedback to directors was particularly interesting, with pre-release notes on what would become this summer's hit Inside Out.
This is a book with incredible insights into one of the biggest businesses and companies built in our lifetime. And it is written with such humility and grace that you begin to treat each word as gospel. Absolutely amazing examples of how to apply the management lessons expressed here, and the true ingredients of success of such a wonderful company laid bare for us to learn from. And learn we did! Thank you sir!