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Hello, folks. I'm Co-Founder & CEO of CreativeThunder.co, of which CreativeTribes.co and the #CreativeTribes tribe-building community on Slack is a (key) project. We'd love to get your thoughts, questions, etc. concerning our freshly redesigned Curated weekly mailing, etc. Thanks! Also, here's a bit of backstory via a Medium post I published yesterday: http://bit.ly/1UcVZWZ
Hey, I'm Co-Founder of CreativeTribes.co. We're excited about our redesigned Curated mailing and would love to have you subscribe — and to join us in our #CreativeTribes community on Slack! :-)
#CreativeTribes Curated is a weekly mailing chockablock with great articles about entrepreneurship and startups, growth hacking, productivity, and business and marketing strategy. A single place to grab and learn about best practices to grow your startup :)
Nowadays there are plenty of Slack communities that divert your attention away from your work. #CreativeTribes could be another one to add to that list, but it ended up being one of the few I kept after doing some Slack spring cleaning. Seth Godin was the first one to "show" me the world of Tribes, but Sean and Mufidah are taking that work further - and I tip my hat to them. Their passion and warmth is inspiring, and I think there is a lot for you to learn by joining this community. Shortly after I was accepted, Sean inspired me to write this post (http://bit.ly/1q4fWmh), and I'm pretty sure they inspired a lot more people as well.
@nscmnto Wow. Thank you, Bruno. What you've shared, above, means a lot to Mufidah and me — and I'm sure, too, to the rest of the #CreativeTribes community. We're honored, and humbled, beyond words to have such amazingly talented entrepreneurs like yourself in #CreativeTribes, tribe building alongside us. As always, let us — and the wider community — know if there's anything we can do to help you to continue to build your Barba Brada business, and to level it up to that 6-digit-revenue milestone that you're well on your way to achieving!