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Hey Product Hunters - I’m Chase Jarvis, the founder and CEO of CreativeLive. We are on a mission to make the world a more creative place, and our new set of apps for the iOS and AppleTV greatly expands our ability to do so by bringing even more free education to people across the globe. In addition to having access to your owned classes & our free on-air broadcasts, iOS users can now choose a FREE lesson every day from our catalog of 25,000 lessons. This app is the first step in a new CreativeLive ecosystem, allowing you to pickup and go from one device (like the desktop) and resume on another device (iPhone/iPad or TV). We're excited to share our launch with this community of creators. Please give it a try and let us know what you think or if you have any questions.
When on the search for great products, I look for more than product/market fit, intuitive design, and an ability to scale in user-value and userbase; I look at the people behind the product and the passion and mission that drives them. I've been following @chasejarvis and CreativeLive for years, and he is a pillar in the digital arts movement and understands the power of on-demand, high-quality education that meets the standard of the best. Bravo, brother. (And, no, he didn't ask me to write this)
Very cool. Have always been a big fan of what you guys are doing over there at cL, @chasejarvis!
@chrisgscott thx Chris! Appreciate the support!
@kellyryanobrien thanks for the report. can you describe a little more about what you're seeing? What device / iOS are you running? Does it just quit or is it freezing? I'll send the notes over to the team.
Yet another millennial commercial that shows the "experience, seriously, wherever I go" took me some time to research they where actually online courses.