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#4 Product of the DayApril 11, 2018

CreativeGuild™ is the largest global directory of creative companies, professionals, and jobs.

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For the past 9.5 years CreativeMornings has been changing the way the creative world connects with one another. Our monthly events are filled with big-hearted humans who are collectively raising the bar on what it means to be creative. Today, we’re launching the CreativeGuild where we will be translating our face-to-face community values to an online network for creatives. We like to think of it like LinkedIn, but for the creative world. This is something I wished existed 19 years ago, when I first moved to NYC and would Google ‘design studio NYC’ to find companies to apply to. All these years later, there is still no broad directory of creative companies, until now. The CreativeGuild will start out as a global directory of creative companies and jobs (with individual profiles coming soon!) but our hunch is it will evolve into much more, a place for creatives to meet that will open doors to new connections and opportunities. Where other social networks are leaving us wanting more; more connection, more inspiration, more control over our data - we’re creating a more human experience. Tina
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@swissmiss Awesome idea, could definitely come in handy :)
There are so many great people out there, and they're always so hard to find (because the best ones have their heads down creating amazing things). Excited for this to be the next, natural step to connecting these humans!
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This is amazing!
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love this! always rooting for small creators 🙌
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out
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