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by Abadesi (Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt)

The Creative Destruction Lab has a new stream for start-ups and aspiring founders working on blockchain/AI projects. It’s a 10 month program where founders receive mentorship, $100K USD in pre-seed funding and co-working space in Toronto. More information + application here:

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Hey everyone! The Creative Destruction Lab is a program for early-stage science-based ventures. We’ve launched a new stream for start-ups and aspiring founders focused on the nexus of blockchain and AI technologies. During the 10 month program (Aug 2018 – June 2019), companies receive mentorship from accomplished tech entrepreneurs, VCs and thought leaders in blockchain/AI, including Ted Livingston, Boris Wertz, Tony Lacavera, and others. Companies also get $100K in pre-seed funding and co-working space! More information here: https://www.creativedestructionl... Applications are due at the end of the month. Feel free to ask me any questions, or send me an email:
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