Creative Class Contract

A customizable client contract for creative freelancers.

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Hey all, So I've been running the Creative Class for over a year now and by far the most requested thing from my students has been a contract to use for clients. For some reason a lot of freelancers are scared of lawyers and legal stuff. So I found the coolest (and most understandable) lawyer I knew and created a custom legal contract that freelancers can use with their clients. Really what contracts do is make sure everyone's on the same page, before money's involved. That way you can avoid crap like scope creep, refund requests, or even lawsuits. Basically, contracts are like a warm, snuggly security blanket. So even if you don't use THIS contract - make sure you use A contract when you're working with other people. -Paul
Awesome! Thank you Paul! :)
@deysonortiz heck ya man! and this one isn't JUST for students :)
This is an absolute must have!