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Teaching freelancers how to make their business work.

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Hey all - decided to put my online course Creative Class on PH. It's been completely redesigned, reprogrammed and I even rewrote all the copy! Phew, even typing that is tiring :) The course has taught over 1,500 freelancers so far the business of freelancing and really sums up my 17+ years of freelancing (plus I've learned from smarter people how they do it). It focuses on teaching processes and implementing systems - not cashing in some money-making scheme or having money fights on yachts (while you leave your laptop in the sand on the beach). Cheers!
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I've seen a ton of online courses and @pjrvs has created one of the most well-designed and easy to navigate courses. The newly added Member Dashboard is a great way to interact with fellow Creative Class'ers, and the additional Slack community goes one step deeper. Paul's stuff is always super high quality!
@iwearyourshirt I like your new tagline, it perfectly sums you up!
Want to become a better freelancer? If your answer is yes then you should totally take this class. I've learned a ton and significantly boosted my career. Thanks Paul for the tips and the insights! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Awesome work Paul. Hearing a lot of great things about the course.
@clarkvalberg Thanks man! Excited to be doing a few fun things with InVision shortly :)
Your personality should make your business unique. These classes are for those who want to start a business close to their personal values (and who wouldn't want that?). Paul helps you find focus and clarity in your professional communication and process. He helps you set up your business so that it "feels right" for you and aligns with your values. Also important to know is that this is not a short-term investment you are making, this really is valuable long-term investment that will grow with you and will help you grow.
@david_hoogland Aw shucks, thanks David!