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Creative Careers Fellowship is an 8 week online career accelerator. During the program, fellows develop their job ready skills by completing projects, develop a personal portfolio, gain work experience, and participate in professional development activities.

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  • Neil Mathur
    Neil MathurStudent at University of Virginia

    Flexible schedule

    Skills offered are in demand


    Can't think of any!

    Radify offers programs focused on teaching college students and young professionals skills that can be applied in new careers, which is super awesome. But the best part of Radify programs is the sense of empowerment and newfound confidence you get from completing multiple projects and slowly building your own portfolio showcasing new skills! Highly recommend.

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Andy Page
Andy PageMakerPro@andy_page · Founder @ Radify Labs
Hey everyone 👋 I'm Andy - one of the co-founders of Radify, thanks for checking us out! Radify started when Allison and I wanted to make technical education and career prep more accessible. The two of us met while we were working at a non-profit bootcamp that taught university students technical skills through in-person programs. I oversaw a summer program there that received over 800 applications for a program with only 60 spots. That meant in one day, I had to send over 700 rejection emails to students who were interested in improving themselves. It made me feel absolutely terrible. 😢 After that experience Allison and I started Radify in March 2018 to run online tech education programs in the hope that we can make these kinds of career acceleration programs more accessible for students! Feel free to share any feedback you have and we'll be here to answer any questions! 🚀
Anne Taylor Windsor
Anne Taylor Windsor@anne_taylor_windsor
I’ve seen a lot of startups recently (Lambda School, SV Academy, etc.) that are focusing more and more on college students and preparing them for the workforce. Seems really cool! Do you think there will be enough room for all these new players?
Andy Page
Andy PageMakerPro@andy_page · Founder @ Radify Labs
@anne_taylor_windsor Hey Anne Taylor! There ARE a lot of companies coming up and we think it's great! In our eyes, the more opportunities (of great quality) available for students, the better. In terms of looking at the industry as a whole, I think we'll continue to see programs launch that specialize in one or two skill sets. Very similar to how we focus on creative careers, SV Academy focuses on biz development, and Thinkful focuses on more technical skills.
Rachel Wiener
Rachel Wiener@rachel_wiener
Can you walk through what the 8 weeks of the program will look like?
Andy Page
Andy PageMakerPro@andy_page · Founder @ Radify Labs
@rachel_wiener Hey Rachel! Great question! We have a few main phases that we take students through Skill development: We spend the first few weeks teaching students to use relevant tools depending on their track. For example, our graphic design students learn the basics Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Once they know the basics, we run a Daily Challenge where students are given daily prompts that help them practice their newly learned skills. Work experience: Once students have a basic understanding on the skills, we have them go through a mini-work experience where they get a better idea of what their position does on a day-to-day basis. Portfolio development: Towards the end of the program we help students build their own personal websites to showcase their portfolios to recruiters. Throughout the whole program we help students with resumes, practice interviews, give them tips on applying to positions, and match them with rockstar mentors who work in their industry.