Creative Africa

Best of African creatives curated for you

Creative Africa is a curation of best of African creatives from more than 10 countries (and counting). You can discover by country or type of artwork (Illustration, UI, UX...)

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Hello PH, Today, I want to present you Creative Africa, a one place stop to discover best of African creatives. The idea of starting Creative Africa came to me when I tried to take freelance jobs and saw that the majority are expecting you to charge a lot less just because you're based in Africa or any third world country. I think this is wrong and everyone should be paid equally. With Creative Africa, I want to change this idea and show to the world that we have creatives who are working with big brands worldwide such as Adobe, Mercedes and others. And everyone deserves to be paid based on their work and not from where they are. So far, we are featuring 2 works every week and a newsletter every two weeks. Your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you.
@elazzabi_ Such a cool idea! Can the creatives get hired for jobs through your platform?
@abadesi thank you for your feedback! So far, there is no such option. However, it's on the roadmap (once user profiles and internal messaging/communication is done). The roadmap also includes Interviews and Rates ($/h to charge customers, this was actually requested a lot by beta testers)
Guys definitley check this one out. They got some SERIOUS talent on here goddamn 😲