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Justin Jackson
@mijustin · MegaMaker
Chris, the founder, connected with me through my podcast and I love this idea! It's "tech education in a box:" every month you get a new electronics project. You get the parts, the instructions and the hardware to make it happen.
Andrew Crookston
@acr · Co-founder Throwdown Labs
I tried signing up before they (this week) changed their website and previously it was just set up as a (spam) "viral" marketing site; invite your friends and get a free box. It's improved a bit since, and I like the concept but I'm questionable about their nobility of teaching, based on the price (compared to buying a IOT board from any vendor) they are ove… See more
Jacob Wyke
@jacobwyke · Developer
This looks great. I just started to play about with electronics for the first time with a raspberry pi and struggled to find exactly what I needed to do simple projects. Yes there are lots of places you can buy components, but as a complete beginner they are still overly complex and confusing...this looks like a perfect way to get started and to learn the ba… See more
Bryson G
Love the idea!! Come from an engineering background and am always tinkering. @cgatbontno we would also love to do your packaging! Check out www.arka.io or shoot us a message - we're just getting started too B)
@annettewon · Digital Disruptor
cool project idea! very similar to Thimble.io - https://www.thimble.io/