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#5 Product of the DayApril 15, 2016
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Chris, the founder, connected with me through my podcast and I love this idea! It's "tech education in a box:" every month you get a new electronics project. You get the parts, the instructions and the hardware to make it happen.
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@mijustin website is down as of now :(
@chandan_im it's up for me!
I tried signing up before they (this week) changed their website and previously it was just set up as a (spam) "viral" marketing site; invite your friends and get a free box. It's improved a bit since, and I like the concept but I'm questionable about their nobility of teaching, based on the price (compared to buying a IOT board from any vendor) they are overpriced and they still don't tell you how they are better than just buying an arduino from a known vendor. There's no focus on the "learn" part. I'm also upset about their spammy tactics since I signed up.
@acr Ah this is disappointing! I do think it is a bit expensive also
@acr are you talking about the "Win a free box" email signup? To me that doesn't feel spammy at all. Pretty straightforward:
@acr Creation Crate is geared more toward people who don't have any experience in electronics. The projects are really beginner-friendly using a detailed instruction booklet to walk users through the process. This is followed up with some exercises to encourage understanding - with answers provided on a private page on the website. The projects also get progressively more difficult each month. I'm also curious what you mean about spammy tactics? All we have is a popup for earning discounts and free products.
@cgatbontno @mijustin I had a long reply ready but producthunt iOS destroyed it for me so this will be short. I've been emailed many times (3-5x) to confirm my email to gain rewards. Promo site said "free box" then only after signup it's "dude, you gotta invite 30 ppl first! ... Haha!"... Site is all sales/marketing/growth hacking shit and zero education. The site and motive are not aligned. It sucks b/c I would have loved this product but can't trust growth hackers for shit (I used to work for THE one).
This looks great. I just started to play about with electronics for the first time with a raspberry pi and struggled to find exactly what I needed to do simple projects. Yes there are lots of places you can buy components, but as a complete beginner they are still overly complex and confusing...this looks like a perfect way to get started and to learn the basics and to have some fun.
@jacobwyke That is exactly what Creation Crate was made to do!
Love the idea!! Come from an engineering background and am always tinkering. @cgatbontno we would also love to do your packaging! Check out or shoot us a message - we're just getting started too B)
cool project idea! very similar to -