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#1 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2020
Creately is the simplest way for teams and individuals to collaborate on diagrams and visuals.
Use flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, UML, infographics and 50+ diagram types along with 1000's of shapes to be more visually productive.
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Hello Hunters! We are super excited to share the brand new Creately with the PH community! Creately first launched in Sept 2009 and we’ve been around for a while now. :) This new Creately is a from-the-scratch rewrite of the product with the thinking matured over 10 years of learning how and why people draw diagrams. The biggest takeaway for us was that for the larger part of the population drawing diagrams on devices is a chore. However, sketching ideas on paper is a creative activity people love. Our primary mission is to make drawing diagrams on devices as enjoyable as it is on paper. The new Creately is intentionally simpler to help people focus on the core ideas and not the tool. What’s new - Even simpler UX. This is the big deal. - Nice contextual toolbars and shortcuts to draw and style shapes - Many new diagram types with specific behavior for each - 1000+ shapes that were individually crafted/coded - A new, faster rendering engine for text and shapes - Pinpointed comment threads and discussions for collaboration - Slick real-time collaboration - 100+ core templates (+ ~2 Million examples and templates from the community) - Integrations to Google Drive, Slack and Atlassian Confluence (more coming) - Tons more capabilities planned as we experiment based on user feedback. To celebrate the PH launch we are offering 25% off any plan with the code “PH2020” for the next 3 days. We want to solve this ‘diagram problem’ and we’d love your feedback!
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@chandika Awesome update mate!
Awesome Product! Been a life saver for presentations for the last 5+ years, Love the mindmap tool too. Cheers!
@malinda_senanayake Glad you found it useful. We have some big plans for mind maps with some features specific to it.
Another good product. Thanks for creating the product.
@nazmul_husain You're welcome. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve the product.
"Creately first launched in Sept 2009" ... now v3.0 has "Even simpler UX." Creately is probably a fascinating case study in UI/UX design and I look forward to playing with the interface this weekend. In the 10 years since Creately launched, what are the biggest takeways in UI/UX design? Anything you wish you knew at the beginning? Upvoted!
@rayliverified Thanks for the upvote. I'm not the most qualified to answer this. I will talk to our CEO. This will probably require a blog post :) .
Looks interesting. Will give it a further look.
@markknights2 We're glad you're interested. Be sure to share your feedback with us.