Creately’s new collaboration features combine faster real-time collaboration, video calls with an infinite canvas to visually explain and plan anything.
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Hello Hunters! We are thrilled to launch our new collaboration features on Creately today 🎉 🎉 🎉 . We added a new layer of real-time collaboration to allow teams to sync faster and introduced in-app video conferencing. Many online meetings involve a common document or a screen-share, but the current experience is disjointed with your video conferencing app elsewhere along with a screen share and the shared document itself. We designed Creately’s new features to make feel teams closer during online meetings. Sitting next to each other and looking at a common screen is the target experience tried to reach. So we added these key capabilities (with a few more things in the background) ✅. Real-time mouse tracking 👩‍💻. Real-time preview syncing - we transmit changes as they happen so you feel like you are almost watching the other persons screen. 📹. Video conferencing inside the document - it’s easier, and keeps everyone sync’ed around the context Along with this, we have an infinite canvas, 1000’s of templates and shapes so teams can communicate visually even if they hate drawing things out. We want to help more teams feel closer and have higher-bandwidth collaboration, especially during these strained times. Visual communication helps a lot and we think video collaboration and super fast syncing amplify the connections further. We are really excited for you to try it out and hear the feedback. Do let us know what you think!
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@chandika Wow there are a lot of templates in there!
I have used it to communicate business ideas and simplify the complex. It's easy to get started and produce high quality content quickly.
The team behind the product is legit, would absolutely recommend any day of the week.
@bhanuka Thanks for using us and your support!
Real easy and versatile tool. drag and drop so anyone can get in on the act very fast - at the same time. You must check out the cool new video conferencing capabilities of the platform. I recommend Creately as a must have tool for teams working remotely.
This looks great, also really nice job on the introduction video, it caught my attention right away!
@dirk94 Thanks Dirk, I'll pass the message to our design team.