Create Guten Block

Create React gutenblocks with zero-config JavaScript toolkit

πŸ“¦ Create Guten Block is a zero configuration dev-toolkit (#0CJS) to develop WordPress Gutenberg blocks in a matter of minutes without configuring React, webpack, ES6/7/8/Next, ESLint, Babel, etc.

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β€”β€” πŸ™Œ β€”β€” Hi, I’m Ahmad Awais a full stack web dev and regular core contributor to software called WordPress. I developed `create-guten-block` to help developers build #Gutenblocks without having to configure anything for using React, webpack, ESLint, Babel, etc. tools. πŸ”₯ create-guten-block is trending on GitHub β€” looks like devs like it. 🌟 Star the GitHub repo for updates β†’ β€”β€” πŸ€” WHY β€”β€” WordPress 5.0 will have a new editor i.e. Gutenberg that will change how every new theme and plugin will be built. Gutenberg is built with JavaScript, React.js, webpack, ESLint, Babel, etc. Configuring these tools and writing your first hello world block takes hours if not days. With create-guten-block however, you can get started by creating blocks in under two minutes. β†’ That's a big win for your development workflow. β€”β€” πŸ”° Workflow! β€”β€” There are just three scripts that you can use in your create-guten-block workflow. With these three scripts, you can develop, build, and eject your plugin. πŸ‘‰ npm start β€” Use to compile and run the block in development mode. β€” Watches for any changes and reports back any errors in your code. πŸ‘‰ npm run build β€” Use to build production code for your block inside dist folder. β€” Runs once and reports back the gzip file sizes of the produced code. πŸ‘‰ npm run eject β€” Use to eject your plugin out of create-guten-block. β€” Provides all the configurations so you can customize the project as you want. β€” It's a one-way street, eject and you have to maintain everything yourself. β€” You don't normally have to eject a project because by ejecting you lose the connection with create-guten-block and from there onwards you have to update and maintain all the dependencies on your own. That's about it. Your feedback is more than welcomed! Peace! ✌️ --- πŸ”₯ create-guten-block is trending on GitHub β€” looks like devs like it. 🌟 Star the GitHub repo for updates β†’
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@mrahmadawais Although I am not familiar with this part of WP (yet) but I know you would always make useful and helpful things! Keep it up. πŸ‘
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@jabranr Thanks as always for your support! πŸ™ŒπŸš€
At first I thought it said Gluten Block, and had to give an eye roll. But this looks awesome! Great work!
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@nrmadi Hahaha! Close enough! 🍩
Looks super awesome!
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@maavuz_saif That's very kind of you to say! πŸ’―
Can't wait to try it out!
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@dsmy Looking forward!