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#4 Product of the DayMay 15, 2016
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Quick and simple:
The design brief created in this video:
@janahrend Thank you for making a video demo. Appreciate it!
@jjjams Thank you for creating CreateBrief! What do you have in mind for v2 and v3?
@janahrend Thanks for the nice words. Glad you like it! V2 goals = User can select brief type. Logo, Website, etc V3 goals = Users can add custom questions (iffy on this one) Goal 1 = Help projects move along a little quicker with all stakeholders on the same page Goal 2 = Reduce painful meetings discussing color & tone without a tangible brand guide
@janahrend - If you hover over the dots on the graph it will provide a written note. Thanks again for making the video.
Simple and useful ... and I'm not a designer but I created a brief to send to my designer on a new project.
@love2golf Yes, It's not only for designers, and that's cool.
Love this too. Interested if this will go deeper... 🤔
@as_austin Thank you! V2 goals = User can select brief type. Logo, Website, etc, select multiple colors V3 goals = Users can add custom questions (iffy on this one)
Great idea if you could have cost projections in this that would make it 💯
@c_is_for_cody Thank you! Great suggestion. Had not thought about that. Scope, timelines, and cost projection is V4 & 5. We just needed it for our internal projects & figured everyone should use it. Loving how much people seem to be dig the tool.
@jjjams also if you could change the background and have the ability for custom branding
Thanks everyone for being so supportive of Create Brief. I cannot express how awesome today has been. Your feedback and ideas have us motivated to continue making improvements!
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@hoandesign Thank you! Yeah we appear to be getting the hug of death. Yay! Working on getting the site back up on a better server. Will let you know once we are back up and running. Should be quick.
@hoandesign We are back online! Thanks again!