The Most Useful Creative Tool for Graphic Design and Drawing

#3 Product of the DayMarch 22, 2016

Create sophisticated designs and graphics on your phone!

Communicate ideas easily with photos, typography, shapes, icons and lines.

Markup with notes and arrows, add text to photos or PDFs.

Design graphics, mockups, logos, stickers, Snapchat geofilters, or vector art; organize layers and save projects

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Mark Craemer
Mark CraemerMaker@sign · Create
Hi there, CREATE - The Most Useful Creative Tool for Graphic Design and Drawing. Develop sophisticated designs and graphics; communicate ideas easily using images, typography, shapes and icons; or draw lines. Use CREATE for productivity - add notes, arrows and text to photos or PDFs. Design graphics, mockups, logos, stickers, Snapchat geofilters, or vector art; organize layers and save projects. CREATE has been designed from the ground up to be open and versatile, with a fullscreen canvas to work in. It should be intuitive to use, but also includes advanced features such as import/export vectors, aligning/snapping, stretching, and photo layers. You can also save your work and edit later. - Add photos: JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF - Add shapes + icons - Style text, typography, fonts - Line drawing: edit stroke, fill - Stretch, scale, rotate - Align objects / Snap to grid - Precise pixel positioning - Edit / re-order layers - Hex / RGB colors - Transform and crop images - Make custom color gradients - Set canvas size, grid spacing - Add notes, arrows, text to PDFs - Export vector files - Save PNG's with transparency - Make Snapchat Geofilters - Save projects, edit later - Share your work Hope you like it. :)
Archie Hicklin
Archie Hicklin@suparchie · 📬 🎨
@sign After playing with this for a while - this is incredible. This is just - done right. I don't know how else to say it. It just feels natural / intuitive, kinda like the first time I opened Sketch. I'm really impressed with this. How much would you use this practically? Because this is the question I'm asking myself now. I make music as a hobby and will often compose midi on my phone while on the train, waiting in a queue etc. Then I export to my desktop when something sticks. Is the idea to make things stick here? Like, to communicate a visual idea that would blossom into something else at a later stage? If so, that's awesome and this is what it feels like this was built for. If not - what do you have planned? Could this eventually replace mouse based design? If this takes off and you become a Chamillionaire - pls hire me because I'm in love with this. ❤️💆 Great landing page too.
Mark Craemer
Mark CraemerMaker@sign · Create
@suparchie hi Archie, thanks. Glad you like it. CREATE grew into what it is through use... meaning, that the initial vision wasn't as impressive, but I was personally finding it useful to get design tasks done while away from my desk. So we kept built additional features and gradually optimized to make it really useful. So to answer your question, I think you can do real productive work on this.
Levi Kovacs
Levi Kovacs@kovlex · Building @mobiscroll
@sign This is seriously impressive! The interactions work so well on a touchscreen that it's enviable :) A really great tool to play with different ideas, prototype and get the mind going.
Mark Craemer
Mark CraemerMaker@sign · Create
@kovlex Thank Levi, I hope you have fun with it. You'll find that there are a lot of creative tasks for which CREATE is all you need. I am routinely drawn to CREATE just because its comfortable to work with away from my desk. That means you get to make progress on tasks and capture ideas, while you're relaxing = while your creative juices are flowing.
Ben Crippin Taylor
Ben Crippin Taylor@bencrippin · Artist, Musician, Designer
@suparchie great review! I'm curious, what software do you use to compose with MIDI on the go?
Sunil J
Sunil J@suniljahan
Any thoughts on when an Android version will come out?
Mark Craemer
Mark CraemerMaker@sign · Create
@suniljahan Limited cash, so that will have to wait a little.
maksymilian ekes
maksymilian ekes@maksymiliane · CEO & FOUNDER
Downloaded. I will give this app a try!
Mark Craemer
Mark CraemerMaker@sign · Create
Pali Madra
Pali Madra@palimadra · palimadra
Nice tool.. When can we expect an Android version?
David Hyman
David Hyman@hyman_dave
Hopefully an Android version is in the works!