Intuitive app to record professional-looking videos

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If the video quality is anything like that landing page, I'm out.
@joshuapinter haha their mobile landing page is way worse
Love the reverse-engineered in-camera editing wizard. Giving this a try fo sho fo sho. @dputsche
This is kind of misleading. I thought it was a video editor ala iMovie with fancy editing tools and so on, but this is more of a production tool than a video editing tool -- very different. That said, the concept is really unique (niche, even) and if I were a YouTuber I'd definitely try this out.
Hey all, My name is Alex and I'm the co-founder of a Berlin-based tech startup called NATIVE STUDIOS. At the core of our offering is our recently launched video app, CREACE, which empowers average users to shoot and share great video instantly - thanks to a unique combination of technical and storytelling-support. The idea for CREACE stems from the insight that while we all love great video and carry increasingly potent cameras in our pockets, our video skills haven't yet caught up, and the variety of video editors doesn't change that. CREACE offers a variety of video-scripts which interweave professional content and foolproof user instructions, allowing everyone to shoot and share great video instantly. Be it to share a fun-moment with friends, illustrate marketplace-inventory or engage in a social/ brand campaign. Even though we're extremely proud of CREACE, we're still in the very early days of our product, and obviously, still have a ton of work to do (e.g. fixing our landingpage ;-). With that being said, I would be very glad if you, as like-minded product lovers and tech entrepreneurs, would give CREACE a try and share your perspective on our approach. Thanks a bunch in advance! Cheers, Alex P.S. we just entered a partnership with Entrepreneurs for Hillary, empowering entrepreneurs with a selection of CREACE-templates to address particular issues relevant to your community.