Crazy Yogis

Funny stickers full of yoga suffering

Crazy Yogis is a sticker pack for iMessage that talks about how relaxing yoga is. Just kidding, it is full of suffering. But only through suffering will we ever level up!

Most of the people 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 from western 🇪🇭 countries have 🈶 such crude understanding of Yoga . Sorry 😶 but Yoga ain't just some physical exercise , the physical asanas (exercises) are just a small part of Yoga . Yoga in itself is very huge & includes both mental & spiritual process. Without the mental & spiritual process , Yoga is just some physical exercise & it would be better if you call it so. It would be like ordering a cheese 🧀 pizza 🍕 & only getting a slice of cheese 🧀.
@aalpanigrahi Yes you're right. The physical part is only one part of the equation, and the stickers are only referring to that :)
Ha, I have a few yogi friends that will appreciate this
@rrhoover tell them about it! :D
My yogi circle will absolutely love these stickers
@katemakulova Haha, get them to download the stickers while they are still free!