Crayon Crunch

Personalized kids' book - 200M custom combinations

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Tim Osterbuhr
Co-Founder, VentureLessons
Thanks @gautambay for the hunt! Hi Product Hunters! My co-founders Friederike, Kai and I created Crayon Crunch to build awesome personalized products for kids. Our first product My Magical Adventure is the first printed book, in which the lead character looks like the child reading it. You can use our character creator to choose from different features like skin tone, hairstyle/color, eye shape/color, clothing and more. We also have options for kids with special needs. Currently we offer wheelchairs, hearing aids, feeding tubes, leg braces and we are working on prosthetics. We can't wait to get your feedback :-)
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I'm thrilled to share this with the ProductHunt community. I've known @timosterbuhr and team for some time. They are awesome people, with a real passion for putting "your child in a storybook". The product is remarkably easy and fun to use, yet very powerful. My 5-year-old niece LOVES the copy I got her. She calls it her "best ever present".
Ryan MacCarthy
Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
Love this. Just ordered my first book. But you need more stories. I have a lot of kids and the others are going to be very jealous.