Control your broken pages with confidence in a better way

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2018

Crawly is a tool that crawls your web applications to find out broken pages to help you to maintain it. Crawly has a powerful alerting system that if any page of your project is broken, you will get a notification. Crawly also offers you to monitor your all pages of your application in historically.

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The spelling and grammar is all over the place btw...
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@okuiux Thanks for your feedback. Yes, you are right, there are mistakes and lots of things to finish. I will fix them up right away.
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@okuiux @omegion Maybe someone should build that as a service. Great launch by the way—cool to see this hear and in Indie Hackers.
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Looks like a good service. What do you mean by "Soon" on the extended version package?
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@owenfar1 I just launched Crawly with basic features and basic plans. Soon, I will publish new features like SSL Certificate Health Check, Uptime Status of Site and SMS Alerts. These features will come with the 'Extended' plan.
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@omegion Liked your idea. It would be great if you could help visitors redirect to a given URL incase if they hit on a broken URL within the website.
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@nooruzzonline well, it is not possible with Crawly at the moment.