The romance novel re-imagined as a mobile app

For serious romance fiction fans, but also a very creative take on what a digital book should look like.
@erickschonfeld thanks for the post - @ziv here - the founder of Crave. Ten years ago if you and I were talking about a story we read it would have probably come from a book (you know - that thing with letters printed on dead trees). Today.. not. Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, WhatsApp and a bunch of other platforms are how we experience stories. So what do we do with these longer stories? That's what we're trying to figure out with Crave.
I come from a publishing background. Spent many years reimagining print for tablets and smartphones. So when I experienced this app recently it blew my mind. My prediction? It won't just transform the publisher's creative approach to delivering novels for mobile... it will define an entirely new – and lucrative – monetization strategy. It's a game changer. Well done Ziv and team
Is this a book or an app?
@erickschonfeld it's an app that reimagines books - we take novels from some of the best authors on the planet, serialize them in daily bite-sized mini chapters and augment them with audio, video and still images, as well as notifications from the hero and the author.