Selected Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B vinyl records delivered.

Crates is High is a Hip Hop, Rap and R&B record club that's focused on bringing you understated music on vinyl. Records spanning the spectrum of Boom Bap, R&B/Soul, Instrumentals, Trap, Golden Era, even Experimental releases.

We have a limited invitation now open and wanted to make sure the folk at Product Hunt had a chance at first dibs.

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Thanks for hunting @osandisekou this is a cool idea and I have so many questions - is it a monthly delivery? Who curates the selection? What happens if I don't like one of the choices I'm sent? 😎 Thanks for giving first dibs to the Product Hunt community.
Hi @abadesi! Of course, it's a pleasure and honor to be here. Here's what I can share without giving too much away too soon: You will have the option of trying us out (1 record for 1 month) before you subscribe to the other plans. I can't share too many details about our selectors, but curation is by people who love Hip Hop and rep the culture. It's exactly what you might expect from the name "Crates Is High." Lastly, supporting swaps is definitely a priority, as it's nearly impossible to satisfy everyone. We have a couple other means of ensuring you like what's to come. If you're interested in learning more, definitely join the early invite list. I'll personally keep an eye on your profile and preferences to make sure we hit the mark. 👨🏾‍💻⚡️🎯
@osandisekou Thanks 🎵
This is so dope! How do I sign up?
Peace Malcolm! The link in the top right with the label "website" or just click here: Glad you're excited as we are!
Awesome work, this looks interesting. Couple of questions - Where can you deliver to? And are these new records, reprints, or dug from the crates? ✅
Hey James! Dope to see you here. These are great questions we've answered in our FAQ that will be viewable upon launch. Initially the service will be offered in the US, however, we'll be looking for ways to ship globally. The reason is plan prices are inclusive and shipping internationally would impact the cost quite a bit. All records will be new. And depending on the release (year), a record could be a reissue. Newer releases will likely be OG pressings unless there's an exclusive or deluxe edition we're privileged to offer that's on the heels of a more recent release date. Selling used records from private collections isn't the focus of Crate is High as a platform (though we've seen some other record clubs get their start by offering used, poor quality records in exchange for pledges-definitely not our steeze). There are currently platforms that are much better for used records (e.g. Discogs, eBay, Instagram) to find appreciative owners. Thanks again for the questions. And for sharing the work in advance!