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CrankWheel comes from a desire to make phone calls a lot more effective. My co-founder @gilsicrankwheel is an old-school salesperson and has driven something like a million miles just to show customers something visually, and we figured there has to be a better way. We envisioned CrankWheel as a screen sharing (or most often, browser tab sharing) tool that would be easy enough to add visual sharing in the middle of a phone call. We also wanted it to be super enterprise friendly, offering white labeling, audit logging, and more. Among things I worked at while I was at Google were WebRTC and things related to the Chrome Extensions platform, and we figured these were platform bits that could really help make such a service. At the same time, it was clear that WebRTC wouldn't be ubiquitous enough for many, many years to use only that as a platform for a screen sharing service that we wanted to make work every single time, on all browsers and devices, without requiring a download. More about our architecture from a recent talk:
Another thing we wanted to fix w.r.t. screen sharing is the infamous "do you see the next slide yet" or "do you see X yet" question. To that end we added a "preview pane" where you can see exactly what your viewer(s) see and when. You can see a demo of it in the video above. We're one of the startups in the small but vibrant Icelandic startup community, and one of very few that have posted here on Product Hunt. Shout out to our Icelandic peeps!! We have a completely free plan for individual use, it offers unlimited one-to-one screen sharing. Our Unlimited and Enterprise plans offer co-branding, unlimited multi-viewer screen sharing, white labelling, audit logging and more. Click through for a special discount for Product Hunters! Please feel free to Ask Me Anything!
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One of our most loyal users has asked if I have any invites so he can participate in the discussion, but unfortunately I don't. I figure it doesn't hurt to ask: Does anyone have an invite to spare for @marfapr?
w00t, got my Maker badge for CrankWheel!!
I’ve been using the individual plan for some time now and I love how fast CrankWheel connects me to another person. It literally takes 3-4 seconds. I highly recommend this for every single customer service team out there!
We often hear that less is more, but seldom do we see it. CrankWheel however is the significance of this common expression! The company really lives up to its desires by making screen sharing so much simpler and at least 10x better for individuals and businesses. Instead of downloading some buggy software, you can just get straight to the things that matter: sales and customer service. We at Study Cake have been trying the product and it has helped us to connect with our users - especially not so tech-oriented parents. The $15 package is great and definitely worth the investment for small businesses and the enterprise solution makes so much sense for businesses because of the white labeling, the reception lobbies, the audit log, the CRM integration etc.
Hi @joisig, looks great! Will be definitely using it for all our future demo calls with potential clients.
Thanks @chichikid, we tried to design it to be nice for web demos, especially of browser-based software. I outlined some of the principles we think are important for software demos via screen sharing in this Quora answer:
Absolutely love the product. With CrankWheel our customer support team is able to visually assist customers 5-10 seconds after calling in. We spend less time on support and our customers are more happy. 5 stars.