A faster, low-cost way to learn at work 🤓📚

Crammut is a platform where you can create learning paths and keep track of your team’s progress while users complete a card collection.

✏️ Create a learning path from scratch or pick one from the library.

📆 Tasks will automatically schedule.

🏅 Game elements will spice up the learning competition!


  • Pros: 

    Amazing UX, Nice approach to a real problem (learning paths at companies), Gamification done right


    None at the moment

    I really love the approach of Crammut to create learning paths inside companies integrating Gamification in order to stimulate the professional development of the teams. Amazing product and awesome UX.

    José Carlos Cortizo Pérez has used this product for one week.
  • Edgar Gámez López
    Edgar Gámez LópezCTO at Prisma

    The first impressions are pretty good, I'll keep an eye on this


    None for the moment

    Awesome card collection!

    Edgar Gámez López has used this product for one week.
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María Tatay Sanzsegundo
María Tatay SanzsegundoMaker@mtatay · Cofounder and CEO of Crammut
👋 Hi from sunny Valencia, hunters! This is Maria, CEO & Co-founder of Crammut. I’m very excited to introduce you to Crammut, a platform where teams can create, keep track and complete learning paths. Who is Crammut for We think Crammut is perfect for teams who need a faster way to train employees in a specific field of knowledge but lack the time to keep track of their progress. Crammut is the perfect place to arrange the content you’ve always wanted to read or watch -- Medium posts, Youtube videos, Reddit threads, book titles, etc. -- and set a deadline to learn from it. How to use Crammut Create a learning path from scratch or pick one from our public library. Assign this learning path you yourself or to a member of your team et voilà! The different tasks will be automatically scheduled. Every time you complete a task from the learning path, you will be rewarded with coins, which you can use to complete a card collection. After you finish a learning path, you can rate it and store it in your own private company library for others to use. Our mission The Crammut Manifesto - How lifelong learning spaces at work kill enterprise status quo:
Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero@duiker101 · Software Developer
This is very interesting and I love the design but I am still not 100% sure what it is(most likely because I not the target audience rather than a because it's presented badly) Is this something that the companies would pay for to help the employees learn or is it something I need do by myself? Do you actually have the learning material or is this just a way to keep track of it?
María Tatay Sanzsegundo
María Tatay SanzsegundoMaker@mtatay · Cofounder and CEO of Crammut
@duiker101 Hi Simone! First of all thank you so much for reaching us, specially because in order to find us you had to browse the entire 'Newest' section lol. Let me put it this way -- Crammut is a platform where you create a list with formal and informal resources (that's what we call a 'learning path') to learn about it and assign it to yourself or other people in your company, i.e. imagine you want to know about SEO. You would collect all the formal and informal content you can find on the web (blog posts, Youtube videos, Quora or Reddit threads, even a Udemy course), create a list of all these contents and assign it to yourself. The platform will automatically schedule each item throughout your week so you don't forget to learn about it. Finally, you rate this learning path to let other users of the platform (from your company) if this was useful or not. The best thing about Crammut is that you can keep track of your team. For example, you can see who is learning what, who has assigned more learning paths and who hasn't, which learning paths are more popular and useful and so on. There are some learning paths that we have created in order to encourage people to use Crammut, but users can create their own learning paths too. Our value resides not in the content we post on the platform but the platform itself and the statistics you have to check your team's progress. I hope my answer helps! Thank you again for your time. :)
Suhas Motwani
Suhas Motwani@suhasmotwani ·
Just signed up! How do you try it out? / Where do you enter the coupon code?