Save time reading, using AI

Provides text analytics to the online articles using artificial intelligence to quickly find what you are looking for and save time. Think of it as having a contents or glossary for a any online article you are reading.
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I made the product originally for personal use and thought it would be an interesting side project. I was frustrated when an article headline would catch my attention, to then find the article to be too long or not have information the title made me think it would. This tool helps me see what type of content any online article has quickly and helps me to find the information I am actually interested in. I find now using this tool I take in a lot more information from articles than before. Before I would have to read the whole article and read loads of stuff that didn't interest me but now using this tool I only read the parts that I am interested in. Saving time and energy.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Any Firefox plug in?
@ayush_chandra thanks! We haven't made a version for Firefox yet but are looking to develop one
So if I visit a recipe blog, will it finally skip to the recipe? πŸ˜‚
@daniloebs That's a tough ask but it might be able to πŸ˜…
Hi. This is great product! I have an idea about the same, but different project. Please write me, i have some questions for you...