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Miracle email template to find an apartment FAST

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Maker here!
@theSamParr Not to be crass, but isn't it kind of bullshit to monetize something like this? You're reaping financial benefits off the fact that housing in SF sucks.
@stttories Isn't that how most businesses are started? Benefitting financially by creating a solution for something that sucks. I spent 2 years studying the housing problem in SF. There are few solutions, but The Craigslist Template is simple for anyone to use without much effort and makes a huge difference.
@stttories If you like, I'll send you a free copy. Then you can decide for yourself.
@theSamParr I'm good, I'm in San Jose and the competition is much lower, but thank you for the offer. I view this negatively because you're targeting people who are essentially already priced out of San Francisco housing and you're going to profit off their desperation to find something they can afford/at least get a response. Yes, companies exist to fill a need / provide a service / etc. It's chill you offer a refund if they don't see a significant increase in response rate.
@stttories Well my goal isn't to specifically target anyone who's priced out of the city. I apologize if that's how it came across. Hell, even if you can afford $2000 a month in rent, there is still a ton of competition. If you are one of 5 people emailing for that room, most people suck SO bad at writing an effective email. Even if you're the ONLY person emailing for that room, this can still help. My product is built to help people communicate clearly, stick out from a crowd, and get more responses. Know what I mean?
@_jacksmith have you used this?
@_shahedk @_jacksmith Jack is a bud of mine and I don't think he has bought a copy yet. At least, he hasn't told me if he has.
@_shahedk no; I haven't used it. But I was thinking about buying it, because of some of the success stories that @theSamParr has told me about and his last start-up was all about matching room-mates.