Lynda for Crafts and DIY

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I have had a lot of great experience with Craftsy. Much of the content (videos, patterns, etc.) is free. Some of their topics are drawing, sewing, gardening, photography, knitting, woodworking, food & cooking (artisan bread, anyone?). I've learned so much from the many free and $ classes I've taken. Instructors respond to questions even long after the class first becomes available. Oh and they have sales all the time, so if you're interested, sign up (just email address and first name, I think) and wait for a sale. I agree with @narekk that incorporating a community element would enrich it. But as it is, it's quite a lot.
Sometimes I think about getting in to gardening or crafts and this site provides both the lessons and the materials. I think merging the two is smart!
@UXAndrew Yeah! Merging the community element too would make it the perfect trifecta.
Craftsy will be known as Bluprint on Jan8 😃
Is it like social networking for craftsmen? Sounds very cool. Finally, I'll have the opportunity to share my works. I make pottery. This is exciting but not that popular. However, even my children got into it. I had to buy the best pottery wheel for kids so as they could do their new hobby without problems.