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Hi all! Maker here :) We've learned a lot from writing + publishing this guide, but perhaps the most important is how the knowledge you take for granted is incredibly powerful + useful for others who don't have that knowledge. We've been able to help a handful of people make the switch into a career they absolutely love, and we're thrilled to keep it up. Here's a little story, if you're the kind who's interested in how products evolved: https://medium.com/@pvm/crafting... I'll be putting together a more technical walkthrough, sharing all the cool things we've learned while navigating the self-publishing world (inc. co-writing a book with my wife via Git, Markdown, Jekyll, and Rails.) Of course, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated :)
The book looks interesting, but I'd be more inclined to buy a copy if there was a free chapter included. Just to gauge the content.
@sia_steel Hi Aakanksha! Thanks for the feedback :) We're working on a way to freely share individual essays. In the meantime, check out this post by my partner, @brim: https://medium.com/@brim/the-fou...