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Cheers, Product Hunters! Thanks for checking us out. We're a subscription club and gift service, curating cocktail kits around the best modern recipes from top bartenders. I'd love to answer any questions you might have! Shoot away. :)
Looks great! Have considered doing this here in Australia where it's very easy (once you have the appropriate license) to ship alcohol around the country, from state to state. I know that's pretty difficult in the US.. how do they manage it?
@rossdcurrie Hi, Ross. Thanks! I am super jealous that it's easy to ship throughout Australia. :) IMO, it's way too complicated here in the US. Currently, we partner with a select group of established liquor stores that can ship spirits nationally. Our kits come in two packages; the liquor direct from one of our partner stores and all the non-alcoholic ingredients/content directly from us. This allows us a ton of flexibility in reaching customers with strict state liquor laws.
@rossdcurrie PS- Any great bartenders/bars/cocktails we should know about from around Australia? We haven't featured an Aussie yet. ;)
@katrud If you're looking for a great, mixable spirit, I highly recommend Whipper Snapper Distillery's Crazy Uncle Moonshine.. just launched a couple of months ago and is Australia's first commercially available moonshine. Of course, I am an investor so may be slightly biased :) I'm a bit out of the loop at the moment, but believe we're in the process of setting up US distributorship. Drop me a line on and maybe we can hook something up when we break into the US