Craft Coffee

The World's best coffee delivered to your doorstep

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Every Month, receive Coffee from a new part of the world.
Hey all. Mike from Craft Coffee here. Happy to answer questions. Also, since we sling coffee and appreciate the product hunt love, SAVE 20% TODAY ONLY with code at checkout: PRODUCTHUNT. Thx!
@mikehorn you product hunt like a boss, Michael. Thanks!
I had an awesome experience with Craft Coffee. The hand written notes on each bag as well as the checkups and delivery process were more than enough to get me amped to try it out... and then I had my first cup and I was hooked.
@WesMagness Thanks! Great to hear. :)
There's too many snooty coffee people trying to sell you their definition of great coffee. What these guys are doing with data to get each customer exactly the right thing for them is really cool.
@pt Thanks! We've got some very cool things in the pipeline in this regard. You'll love what's coming next. :)
Waits for the 'Craft Coffee for Tea' product to be hunted!
@NeerajT4 Me too! #excoffeeaddict
@poornima #ForeverTeaAddict ;)
@NeerajT4 I'm pretty sure if you tried our coffee, you'd convert. But either way, we can still be friends. :)
@poornima We're more of a quality over quantity company. And the scientists say that coffee actually appears to be super healthy. Maybe you should come back into the fold? #peerpressure
@mikehorn Anything to keep a good company around! Cheers! :)