Craft Wallet 2.0

Minimal yet versatile wallet with RFID blocking 💳💲😍

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Craft Wallet 2.0 is a minimal RFID blocking wallet with quick card access at a click of a button. Holds cards, notes and coins.

  • Luis Trindade
    Luis TrindadeGroup Product Owner @ Farfetch

    Minimal, slim, very high quality


    Not being able to already have my own in my pocket :)

    When you get it on your hand you notice the attention to detail and the wonderful craftmanship. Great founders that really believe on their products :)

    Luis Trindade has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Slim, sturdy, noble


    everybody wants to play with it when see it the first time so be sure to have no embarrassing fotos in there ;)

    A slim, sturdy and good looking wallet. Has all the features i want it to have, not more and not less. Just an awesome accessory. I used the Craft Wallet 1.0 and am now happy that the evolution goes on. I do not have the version 2.0 yet but am sure that it is even better than version 1.0

    Benedikt Attenberger has never used this product.
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Pedro Andrade
Pedro AndradeMaker@pedro_sand · Co-founder @ Craft Wallet
Hey everyone! We started this project as students and have already sold wallets to over 60 countries. In order to make our dream come true my cofounder sold his bike and thousands of hours have been invested by an amazing team We're on our second crowdfunding campaign and would like to know what you think about our new wallet. Tell us what you think :)
Mike@mike_seekwell ·
@pedro_sand Can you explain why RFID blocking is even necessary? See this article:
Bruno Nascimento
Bruno Nascimento@nscmnto · Chief Beard, Barba Brada
@seekwell_io I found that same article when looking for RFID wallet facts. It’s as they say, RFID theft is pretty much non-existent. The best thing about the Craft Wallet though is that it allows me to carry multiple cards in a small form-factor, and to access them quickly. The RFID blocking is nonetheless a peace-of-mind feature.
Pedro Andrade
Pedro AndradeMaker@pedro_sand · Co-founder @ Craft Wallet
Hey @seekwell_io, Craft Wallet's made of aluminum. It's the aluminum that provides the RFID blocking trait. When we pitch the wallet, we talk about its RFID blocking trait because, in spite of RFID theft being rare, it exists. People should know their money and information is safe with Craft Wallet.
Gökay Gürcan
Gökay Gürcan@gokaygurcan · Software Developer @Emakina
Hi, First of all, I really like these kind of products. But I have a question: In Amsterdam, it's really common to use this wallets and most popular ones are Secrid ( and Walter Wallet ( What are your prominent features over these alternatives? Thank you.
Pedro Andrade
Pedro AndradeMaker@pedro_sand · Co-founder @ Craft Wallet
Hey @gokaygurcan 👋, Thank you for your question. What distinguishes Craft Wallet from Secrid and Walter Wallet is the following: - Craft Wallet's lifetime warranty; - The fact that all Craft Wallets are made of premium aerospace grade aluminum, thermally treated for peak strength (7075-T6); - Cleaner design; - Easier to use [(Craft Wallet's lateral button vs. Secrid's bottom button), (Craft Wallet's button vs. Walter user's finger)] - It's spring activated giving it better durability and extended lifetime; - To keep the cards from falling we use a small metal hook instead of fabric like Secrid, extending the wallet's lifetime. The fact that our card retaining system doesn't rely on friction it ensures that will be as good as new forever. But despite this, those wallets you referred are very good products. We understand why the dutch like them so much. They deserve all our respect 💪 Take a look at our website at Thanks!
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
@gokaygurcan that was my thought. It seems exactly like secrid,Ekster or andar wallets
Tomás Fonseca
Tomás FonsecaMaker@tomas_fonseca · Community Manager, Craft Wallet
Hello! First of all thanks for the hunt, it's a pleasure. We believed and we made it. Our crowdfunding is coming to an end in 5 days, we're already 548% funded. After it's only going to be better as we get to see the results and apply them to expanding our wallet to the world. It's an adventure that lasts for already some time but it's just the beginning. Myself as the Community Manager I'm even more happy to see a community being created. A lot of insights and feedback from the members, that's the reason we evolved. We are doing this for them. Any questions please ask. Funny curiosities, please beg. Any feedback, please give. Love, Tomás
Pedro Andrade
Pedro AndradeMaker@pedro_sand · Co-founder @ Craft Wallet
Miguel Morgado
Miguel MorgadoMaker@miguelmorgado · Creator, Craft Wallet
The Craft Wallet 2.0 is the result of all the feedback we got from our first one and our quest to achieve the best minimalist wallet with the best user experience! Thank you for the amazing help we have received from the community and please tell us what you think so that we can keep improving.
Katyayni Gupta
Katyayni Gupta@katyayni_gupta
Hi! Got a question. It seems that the shipping of the Craft Wallet 2.0 has been backed up. If I placed an order now, should I still expect to get it in April? Or has the timeline shifted a bit due to unforeseeable events?