Bring your experiences, adventures, and important places with you on custom map posters

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Hi! Thanks for sharing the website @anthilemoon, I created a discount code for Product Hunters: use "PRODUCTHUNT15" at checkout for 15% off your order! I quit my job in video games (at an ex-YC company) late last year to start this business. This is my first business on my own and it is definitely different from the corporate lifestyle! Feel free to ask any questions here and I'd be happy to answer them
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Love this idea. However I prefer maps/posters made by a designer from Plus it's almost half price...
@humphrey_yang @anthilemoon Love this and ordered a map with your discount code from :)
@lay2000lbs I am just saying that bringing up a copy of mapiful as @sainathkm said, is not cool (and not new)... There are many creative people using maps, making unique work.
Love the idea but most importantly, I love the website!!! Beautiful and responsive UI. Just made my Monday :)
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@sarim_haq Thanks Sarim :) You made my Monday!
@humphrey_yang @sarim_haq Indeed! Who designed / built your site?
This is cool, but what's the difference with the now well known ? I can't help but feel like this is somehow a copycat? The map designs (B&W) looks very similar as well.
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@widawskij It does look *very* similar, even though YourOwnMaps has more pre-made designs, layouts, and color schemes. I've messaged the founder, hopefully he'll be able to answer some of the questions here.
@anthilemoon @widawskij Hi Jonathan, Thanks for asking this! There are quite a few competitors in this space but we offer a few different features than our competitors. 1) We offer different coloring/styles than others, bolder brighter colors, a different style for captions, and the paper we use is THICK and higher quality 2) We are 100% made in the USA - shipping from local printers in the United States, and are primarily targeting the US market, so prints will arrive to our US customers rather quickly (within a week or so) using a premium carrier such as UPS or FedEx - other competitors ship from Europe so shipping times are slower 3) Lastly, we are starting to work with local artists to bring differentiated products to our platform. We want to be community-focused first and foremost. Hope this helps!
@humphrey_yang @anthilemoon @widawskij It's still an almost total 100% carbon copy. I am not sure I'd be proud of copying somebody else's idea to such a degree.
@andreasduess @humphrey_yang @anthilemoon @widawskij This isn't exactly a groundbreaking technological feat so there are bound to be multiple companies doing similar things, just like in most industries. He also clearly has attempted to differentiate himself per the above.
@getbrandflakes I don't see any differentiation except a choice of colours. The technology, the design, the entire business looks like a carbon copy. Even the "headline/subhead/location" content is exactly the same. I fail to see any original thought in this set-up.
I discovered this service through a post on Reddit, where Humphrey was discussing the joys and challenges of building his startup. The designs are gorgeous, the map maker is super easy to use, and all the maps are "Made in America."
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@anthilemoon Can you link the thread? :)
@anthilemoon Thanks again for sharing!
Awesome! When are you planning to ship to Europe?
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@ekaterinaklink We already ship to Europe! Currently we charge for shipping, and we realize that this is a high cost, but for now we are too small of a business to offer subsidized or free shipping. We are hoping to do so in the future! If you are interested in a map and the shipping cost is really the deciding factor, let me know and I'll try to make something work :)