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4 daily epic marketing advice for artists

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Voilá, a new content marketing tool for everyone in film, games, animation, illustration and other creative arts. Daily cards to help your struggles in writing posts and keeping your timeline active. Everything wrapped in 4 daily cards, read and digested in under 5 minutes.

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Emil Villumsen
Emil VillumsenMaker@emilvillumsen · Co-founder of
Hey everyone, My team and I spent months now, trying to figure out how to create a project that could help indie game and film projects get better at content marketing. We’ve now come up with a concept, that’d we'd love to get feedback on, whether you're in marketing or a creative yourself. So don't hold back! “Marketing” isn’t a loved word ❤️ in neither the games industry or any other creative industry for that matter. But marketing needs to be a part of your project from day one, sharing your thoughts and material, taking people on a journey. It’s not a news flash, most probably know this, but the hard thing is living it out. Every day. Consistency is where most people fail, including myself. With Card we try to give artists a good start or more established projects a helping hand, wrapped in a digestable package. Enjoy :)