Craft by InVision

Sketch and PS plugins to pull live data into your designs

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Today I’m thrilled to be sharing Craft with you. It’s a suite of free tools for Sketch and Photoshop that brings real data into your design process. The 3 plugins within Craft—Type, Photos, and Duplicate—are all about adding context and making smarter UI decisions. Say goodbye to Lorem ipsum. No more constant alt-tabbing between your design and browser to paste (and then resize) photos. And forget inaccurate, cumbersome copy+pasting of design elements. Craft puts the power of data directly into Sketch and Photoshop. And, it’s entirely free. Craft is a product of InVision LABS, our effort to nurture and create the design tools of the future. More is coming soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what you do with Craft.
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@clarkvalberg This is incredible! Super powerful feature I will be using ALL the time. Great stuff!
@clarkvalberg this is really, really dope. So smart and really helps with the efficiency of creating.
@clarkvalberg Been using it for a few hours. This is powerful stuff. Like steroids for Sketch. Great job!
@clarkvalberg Awesome plug in -- brings everything together
Wow! I'm not waiting anymore for Adobe Comet. Great job.
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You guys keep killing it with great tools that keep design fun and focused. I'm teaching my team the ropes of Sketch + Invision tomorrow and I can't wait to share this. It's rare I feel so strongly about something like this but I really love you guys. Please never change!
Absolutely game changer! Good job!
Looks great, but I haven't been able to use it on Windows. The downloadable file seems to be .app Mac file. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong