craft ai - Behavior Trees

AI engine created for developers w/ a visual editor + APIs

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Here is the explainer video from the site:
In a few years this will all be such standard stuff that we don't even think about. Love the way AI is going. I like that the website shows use-cases, helps to visualise what this can do :) One thing I think AI has to be really careful about is reliability... Imagine you relied on AI for something really important.... like waking up on time to get good brunch... but for one reason or the other, it fails you, you wake up late, your auto-uber didn't come on time, your running late message didnt send etc etc... I wonder how much patience people will have with this technology. People can be resistant and stubborn.
Thanks you all for connecting to our workbench! Project forking was temporarily broken, but everything is back to normal now. We apologize for the inconvenience. May the fork be with you :-)
I really want to give this a go - seeing what it can do for a SaaS product I run.. however, I'm struggling to understand the setup.. the "Getting Started" area doesn't make it easy to actually get started without requiring you to fork their tutorials in GitHub..
@ichillidesign Thank for your interest! In order to start using the craft ai workbench, you need to have a project on github (that we use as a backend for content). If you want to take a look at a working example, you can have a look at
Anyone actually using this wants to share their experiences? Would be cool to know :)
I love these products and services, but the question is always the same: how much will it cost for developers? 50 euros/mo and "usage-based fees"?
@sivola nice to have people interested ! As you've noticed our exact pricing is not yet fully defined. Our goal is to find the right fee to have the cost of using craft ai grows as the success of your product grows. I'd be happy to discuss the project you have in mind, though!