Simple collaborative whiteboard ideal for remote teams

Cr4yon attempts to provide the same feel as real life whiteboard via a collaborative simple drawing interface.

You can draw and add text (HTML canvas) easily.

The product is at an early stage obviously but is very encouraging.

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5 Reviews5.0/5
Does its job well, does not ask for login which is great! Would have liked an Undo button.
@i_shank Thanks a lot for the feedback! Undo button would indeed be very useful and is in the works :)
@i_shank Hi again! Undo v1 has been released (button) coming up next is Cmd + Z handling let me know if it works well for you :)

I really like the idea and the facilite to start drawing. Export options will be cool :)


Super super simple and easy to use


Poor design :/

Thanks a lot for the review Salatiel!

Overall I like it 👍 Would be nice to maybe see a default room, so that people can see the collaboration features at a glance without having to find someone else's room or ask someone else to join theirs.


Quick setup, easy collaboration


No password option, no undo hotkey/button

Thanks a lot Jarrod! Undo is in the works because many would find it useful :) Good idea on the default room or sthg to show what the product does "at a glance"
Hello again Jarrod, just to let you know that "Undo" button is now live :)
subscribed for updates. this looks like the beginning of something very cool.
@jwelch Hi! Thanks for the review! If you want you can test the new "Undo" option :)
A little glitchy [says to refresh, but then cannot log back in] - but I still love this. @adrienvaschalde
@elizabethhunker Hi! Thanks a lot for the review :) Sorry for the glitches, will improve. Recently added "Undo" option via button let me know what you think!