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HomeSupply surfaces the best modern home and DIY brands to help you make your house into a home.
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Thanks for checking out HomeSupply here on Product Hunt. Here's a little backstory on the project... It all started when my partner and I moved house in December, 2019. As we moved in, we found it hard to discover brands and products that fitted what we were looking for. Every search resulted in generic sites that sell millions of pieces, and finding new and unique brands turned out to be difficult. ‍In the end, I turned to Instagram to discover products (constantly checking the related accounts on each new brand I discovered to find more). As I discovered brands I would save them to an Instagram collection, and over time that collection became a spreadsheet... and morphed into what you see on HomeSupply today. I started HomeSupply as a way to curate the best, modern homeware/furniture brands. Over time I hope to add more to the site so it can become a one-stop destination for all things home improvement.
@ashread_ Well done, Ashley! I love your curation approach here, along with the ability to shop locally :)
@rdutel Thanks Rodo! Hoping to add more locations as the brand listings grow. :)
@ashread_ looks like a great collection to start with... are you using affiliate linking throughout?
@chrismessina Thanks Chris. I have some affiliate links on the site (not signed up to all available programs yet). The goal is to find other ways to monetise eventually but I’m hoping affiliates will help me cover costs for now. :)
As a lover of home stuff, I absolutely love this!
@sarrah Thank you! It’s made my day to read this comment.
My curation list comes from my email newsletters. There’re a lot of brands that should be added.
@chiancheng Thanks for the comment. I'm adding new brands most days and hoping to make the directory a little more comprehensive over time — happy to look at any suggested brands you might have. :)
Beautiful work, I like how simple this is.
@yesyou Thanks Isaac! Appreciate the feedback. :)
Cool and great design @ashread_ ! What would be your growth strategy?
@jonastwt Thank you, Jonas! I'm focused on two things at the moment: 1. Growing the newsletter/email list. 2. SEO (not expecting results for ~6months but feels like a good long-term investment). Still very much experimenting with how to grow both of those channels, but that's where I'm focusing.