A smart little robot by Anki

Make your daily life brighter and more enjoyable with Cozmo! Cozmo is a real-life robot, small in size but who can blame when he is that smart! As long as you play with him, feed him and you keep him energized, you will see him evolving!

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As The Verge's @nickstatt puts it, Cozmo is a real-life WALL-E. Kids now days get the coolest toys.
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@rrhoover would love to hear from Boris on this adorable robot! cc @bsofman
@rrhoover Right... kids.
@bentossell @rrhoover So excited to finally be able to share Cozmo! So much went into the little guy over the past 5 yrs.
@bsofman @rrhoover @nickstatt He looks just like the offspring of Wall-e and EVE - well done!
@webtech @rrhoover @nickstatt one of the keys was leaning into the film animation background for a big part of the team. Our character director on Cozmo was 10 yrs at Pixar and much of the team came from similar backgrounds. Really has been a key to the personality / character piece. Really glad you like him!!
I just love the way he blinks at me 😘
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This Wall-e like robot is so cute ☺️😍
It's more a M-O than Wall-E
@bsofman I don't see anything regarding APIs or SDK. Do you plan to provide anything like that?
@picsoung absolutely! Big parallel effort on opening an SDK to let developers use the same tools that we did to create behaviors and capabilities.
@picsoung much more to share on this soon, but we'd have killed to have a platform like this in grad school!