Bringing social accountability to work 🙊

Cowrkr is an initiative to help makers keep themselves socially accountable. We connect two makers at a time and we help them keep each other accountable till their respective projects are completed and then they move on to another maker.

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Hey Product Hunt! Nice to be shipping here again 🙌| I've always wanted to build and launch something in 24 hours and Cowrkr is my first. Cowrk is a service that connects makers with each other with an intent of keeping each other accountable for their work 🙇 You would be connected on a project basis; so you will not be connected to a new maker until you reach your goal and make sure your buddy finishes their's too! This project been heavily inspired by Serendipity by @ManasviniK and I believe that connecting two people with a purpose can boost productivity. I'm here to answer any questions you may have! 😸
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Well, that was fast, I feel like you've just made the poll asking if people would love that (days fly while shipping!). You'll probably want to add a more in details explanation on homepage of what social accountability is and why it's useful. While it's obvious for WIP members, it probably won't be for just anyone :)
@oelmekki Thanks for the feedback Olivier! I'm gonna add a few more answers to our FAQ page :)
@amrith Imo not so many check the FAQ, it’d be better to make clear what accountable is right from the front page since that’s the moment when users decided whether to continue reading or leave. I think “help each other out until your project and theirs are launched” could work better than “keep each other accountable for their work”. Then you can also say “Have someone to report progress to and get support from. No more unfinished projects for you”. Anyway, this is one of the best projects for entrepreneurs/makers I’ve heard of in years, the idea is incredible and the execution even better! I can see lots of good coming out of it (and I can’t wait to hear about the upcoming success cases), so please keep it up with it and congrats!!!
@jnavma thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words 🙌 In fact, I even made sure that one has to go through the FAQ page before signing up 😉 I wrote a Medium post earlier today that explains the whole vision and intention behind Cowrkr, do check that out, I’ve attached it to the articles section here. Thanks a lot for your support 🙏
Lovee the way this has turned out in less than 24 hours! Upwards and onwards 🤛
@h_halvi Thanks for the support Harsha 🙏 Can't wait to see who you ship with 🔥
Hi @amrith, I love the idea. What inspired you to build Cowrkr?
@angeliquesocial Just finished commenting about it 😅 I've been a part of @marckohlbrugge's Telegram group for few weeks now and I'm really inspired by the productivity of makers in there that made me wanna build Cowrkr :)
Looks good! I like the idea of being connected to someone randomly and not just someone you know already. Good way to meet new makers.
@petecodes Thanks Pete! Not to forget being accountable as well ;)
Congrats on the launch and having it built in under 24 hours! 🙌 Looks really cool! 💪
@leafbomb thanks Osman! Can't wait to see what you ship 🙌