Platform for creating stories collaboratively

Users post and like writing prompts. Prompts that receive enough likes become stories. Stories are split into chapters where users have 48 hours to submit. Most liked submission is chosen as that chapter!
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This is one of those ideas that kept coming back to me over the years. Glad someone is giving it a go 🔥 Do you have a place to drop feature requests (e.g.
I saw an opportunity while browsing the popular subreddit r/WritingPrompts (14mil subscribers). Users submit story ideas and other users submit a short story based on the idea. But what if you want to create the characters and the settings but don’t want to develop an entire plot? What if you just want to write a great ending to an already existing plot? I then started to build cowrite, which aims to spark creativity in writers and allow them to practice their craft with feedback.
What a cool idea!! :)